For some of us, planning the perfect holiday is one of the most exciting parts of the whole trip.

From choosing your airline, finding chic hotels in the best locations and deciding how long to spend in a city or town – it’s a dream to sit down and scour the internet to get it all right.

For others, this can be an incredibly overwhelming and time consuming task. That’s where we can help.

How it works.
Following your initial inquiry with us, we will send you an email with a few questions around your desired holiday, and we will get back to you within a week.
You will receive a completely customised itinerary. We can plan the whole thing, and give you several options to book (we don’t do the booking for you, you get the final say!), or keep it super simple and give you a list of activities, sights and a suggested itinerary.

NYC Package, $100: A basic itinerary for your holiday destination. Includes activities for each day, minimum 3 hotel suggestions in the best locations, plus 10+ venues for great food and drinks.

Paris Package, $250: A detailed itinerary for your holiday. Activities and landmarks for each day. Minimum of 5 hotel suggestions in the best locations, plus over 15 venues for great food and drinks. We will also include information on getting there and getting around, safety and customs you need to know about in the area, and we can include recommended flights.

HOLIDAY GUIDES (coming soon)
Downloadable travel guides for the most popular and enviable destinations, carefully researched and curated by The Millennial Diaries.
Available to purchase & download, the comprehensive guides will cover:
Sights, activities and landmarks
Getting there & around – airports, rideshare, public transport etc
Safety and customs
Can’t wait for the guides to be ready? Send an email today and we can help! Contact us here.