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Our second stop of our trip was the beachside town of Lagos, down the bottom of Portugal, about an hours drive from Faro.

We caught our first ever Europe train (won’t lie I get oddly excited on travel days, it’s so fun going to a new place!) and after almost missing our connecting train, we arrived after a few hours and settled in. We stayed opposite Meia Preia beach, which meant we were a bus ride into town. Fortunately, the buses were cheap, unfortunately though, the bus drivers of Lagos don’t pay any attention whatsoever to the timetable they have prepared, so it’s really just a guessing game when you’ll actually get into town.

Lagos was very different to Lisbon. It was filled with tourists -mostly young Australians – and the party vibes were coming in strong. Bars everywhere you looked and enough happy hour specials to keep all the beer and cocktail lovers satisfied and drinking for hours.

Something I should mention is Nick and I are the ultimate Nanna and Pop couple. We (okay, mainly me) love our sleep and early nights to be up exploring the next day, so while the whole party scene didn’t completely appeal to us (me), it would be a dream for people who know how/love to party.

We did latch on to a hostel pub crawl when we caught up with a friend from home (hey Michael), basically to experience the nightlife on offer. It was rowdy and the pubs were dirty and the drinks were cheap and I felt like I was back home with all the Aussie accents around and I made it out til 2am so well done by me.

If you weren’t spending all your time in Lagos getting day drunk, there is actually a lot to do! Heaps of tour companies run all types of tours, from kayaking and dolphin watching to speed boat cruises and scuba diving. We did go out one day on a kayaking tour and it was a ripper, so much fun! I’m pretty much sitting at 2/10 in the upper body strength department and therefore am weak as shit and super unhelpful on a kayak, so Nick really carried the team and put in the work for both of us. The water was super clear and super salty, so the GoPro kept fogging up and the frustration was real, but overall the whole experience was exceptional; big tick from us. A great way to see a stunning section of the Algarve Coast.

Oh and just to end the Lagos travel diaries, the only restaurant I remember was called ‘The Green Room’ and I remember it because they made delicious margaritas and Mexican food, so can recommend that place if you ever make it to Lagos, which I hope you do.

Up next, Spain!

Love Kelly

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